Privacy Policy

Nivea Beiersdorf Turkey Kozmetik Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Nivea”) and its affiliates give utmost importance to confidentiality and make every effort to take all administrative and technical measures to ensure that confidential data is kept safe and not exploited. Nivea agrees, declares and undertakes that it will not sell, rent or make available for use any information pertaining to identities, e-mail addresses, residential addresses, telephone numbers and other personal information collected from visitors through this website and the Competition to third parties under any circumstances whatsoever.

As part of the C-Level (CareExpertLevel) Competition, organised for the first time this year, a Beiersdorf brand will be selected as the main sponsor each year. Contestants are expected to design a 360-degree communication campaign for the designated brand. Nivea aims to get participants to experience the full-fledged process of putting a specific product in the spotlight, from marketing to developing a campaign and presenting their work, doing all these as a team.

Nivea or its affiliates will use personal data, to the extent stipulated and permitted by law, to communicate, send email notifications, notify any changes, results and updates related to the Competition, and deliver rewards and other perks pursuant to Article 5(2) of the Personal Data Protection Law (“PDPL”), subparagraphs: (c) processing of personal data belonging to the parties of a contract, is necessary provided that it is directly related to the conclusion or fulfilment of that contract; (e) the data concerned is made available to the public by the data subject him/herself; (f) data processing is mandatory for the establishment of any right; and (g) data processing is mandatory as regards Nivea’s legitimate interests.

Except for cases where personal data is disclosed to third parties pursuant to the decisions of legal or administrative authorities or legal procedures upon request in writing, only authorised employees of Nivea or its affiliates as well as service providers bound by a non-disclosure agreement will have access to such personal data to the extent permitted by legislation. In any case, Nivea and its affiliates agree, declare and undertake to keep the number of employees who require to access personal data minimal. In order to improve its operations, Nivea or its affiliates may generate statistical data using Personal Data without disclosing such data. All rights related to such statistical data belong to Nivea and its affiliates.

Personal data submitted to our company as part of the C-level (CareExpertLevel) Competition by electronic or other means will be collected automatically or non-automatically to be stored in printed, audio and electronic media for as long as necessary. As part of the C-Level (CareExpertLevel) Competition, identity information, CVs, contact details, and Personal Data pertaining to entrants will be processed and stored for as long as necessary.

Nivea or its affiliates do not make any guarantees regarding the confidentiality policy and data protection standards of third party websites that you might access using the links contained in this website and therefore has no responsibility in this respect. Accordingly, before providing any personally identifiable data, we recommend that you review the website’s privacy statement and data protection standards. Nivea may modify this Privacy Statement at any time.